Providing Speech, Language and Communication service for children ages 2-17 in Greater Manchester.

Speech and Language Therapist

speech and language therapy

what we offer

Speech Therapist

what does speech therapy consist of

  • Speech and Language Therapy Assessment

  • Speech and Language Therapy Intervention

  • Speech and Language Therapy Reports

  • Speech and Language Therapy Training

  • Speech and Language Therapy Programmes

  • Joint Coaching within the classrooms

  • Joined up multi-disciplinary work

“Communication is the essence of human life.”

(Light, J., 2009).

Interesting Statistics

1% of children

have the most severe and complex SLCN

Nearly 2/3

of young offenders have SLCN which existed from childhood

2.5 million

people in the UK have Speech, Language or Communication needs (SLCN)

in every classroom have significant communication difficulties

2 to 3 Students
1 in 10 children

have SLCN that need long-term support

Specialist in administering bilingual assessments to allow for an accurate prognosis, intervention plan and inclusive therapy process for bilingual families

Who we work with?

Schools & Academies

Providing cost effective & continuous therapy provision through one named therapist

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Fast access to highly trained therapists for children and adults.

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Why Us?

Speech and Language Therapist in Manchester
at Morph and Bloom Communication Therapy have vast amounts of experience supporting children with: – Apraxia of speech (Dyspraxia) – Auditory processing difficulties – Social Communication Difficulties – Learning difficulties – Phonological (speech sound) delay/disorder – Receptive and expressive language delay/disorder – Developmental Language Disorder- Selective Mutism.

You will also have the added benefits of:

    • No waiting lists
    • No hidden costs
    • Assessment and treatment tailored to your needs
    • Reports completed quickly and effectively
    • Large resource base
    • Bilingual therapists
    • Services available at onsite or at home

speech language pathologist techniques

All of our therapists are hold at least an undergraduate degree in Speech and Language Therapist. They are also registered with the Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists in Manchester and the Health and Care Professions Council.

royal college of speech and language therapists
health professional council

benefits & outcomes

benefits & outcomes

Speech and Language Therapist

benefits & outcomes

“Children’s early language development has a significant impact on future school performance.”
(James Law et al., 2013)

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